Kevin Hart Responds To Don Lemons Request To Tackle Black Homophobia "I 'Can't"

Gay news anchor Don Lemon used his platform on CNN to discuss the controversy surrounding Kevin Hart’s anti-LGBTI remarks. Now, Kevin Hart is responding.

At the end of 2018, Hart was announced as the Oscars 2019 host. However, he stepped down following blowback from homophobic Tweets that resurfaced.

Ellen DeGeneres recently invited Hart on her show and urged him to reconsider his decision. This publicity led Lemon to make his comments.

‘Kevin, if anything, this is the time to hear other people out,’ Lemon said on 5 January. ‘I don’t see any meaningful outreach to the LGBT community.’

‘Someone like Kevin Hart, with one of the biggest megaphones in the whole world, can be a leader. He can help change homophobia in the black community.’

In response to Lemon’s statement, Hart took to Instagram to suggest that he isn’t being given a chance to learn from his mistakes.

‘When did we get to the point where we forgot that we all learn, then we all have the ability to grow and with that growth comes a wealth of knowledge. You can’t change without a [sic] understanding of what GROWTH means,’ Hart wrote.

‘Basketball players aren’t great until they LEARN how to play the game correctly. Teachers are great teachers when LEARN how to get thru [sic] to kids correctly. Architects become great at their job when they LEARN how to build correctly. CEO’s [sic] are not great until they LEARN how to run a business correctly.’

‘A fireman is not a great fireman until he LEARNS how to fight fires correctly. A doctor is not great at their job in the beginning… he/she have [sic] to LEARN how to be great. A news anchor or a journalist does not start at the top… they have to LEARN and develop to be great at their job.’