Taylor Swift To Perform Tribute To Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin At Grammy Ceremony

The Grammys is scheduled to have a full line up of great performers and Taylor Swift.  It was announced Wednesday morning that the country pop star had been tapped to do a Whitney Houston tribute in honor the late star who passed on February 11th back in 2012.  

The tribute, which was teased during a commercial on CBS Tuesday will commemorate the 7th anniversary of the stars passing.  

While we don't have many details of the Swift's secret performance of video of her singing "I Will Always Love You" with an acustic guitar was posted and quickly deleted from Instagram.

Swift is pulling double tribute duty as she will also perform in a tribute to Aretha Franklin, who once spoke of what beautiful gowns Taylor was known for wearing.  

The Grammy's will air on Sunday night and will be hosted by Alicia Keys.